Poem as read by Tawn – At Your Service

  • Posted on March 1, 2012 at 2:10 pm
We serve with tenderness and a random smile, we serve with pleasant greetings in a grocery aisle,
We serve by giving gift cards for a family to go out, a surprise pepperoni pizza is what it’s all about.
Water bottles to the weary, holding signs along the road, encouragement and shoulders, for the burdened to unload,
We can fill someone’s gas tank, wouldn’t that be a treat? With a simple “God loves you and your needs He wants to meet.”
We serve raking leaves and shoveling mounds of snow, we serve wrapping gifts for parents on the go,
we open doors, cook meals, and send cards to the ill, each time praying earnestly it is seen as God’s will.
We can serve at busy holidays, when salespeople are at wits end, give them candy and a ‘thanks’–what message will that send?
Take school supplies and backpacks to a park one August day, handed out freely, what can anyone say?
Skip Starbucks a few days; purchase fast food coupons instead, hand them to a single mom with mouths that must be fed.
Turkey Hill on Sunday morning, maybe that’s where you should be, distributing the Sunday News, to anyone, for free!
Movie tickets, a picnic basket, babysitting can all be a part, of reflecting the extravagant generosity of our Mighty God’s heart.
Call someone and tell them, “God thinks you’re a great dad,” wash a car, clean a toilet, seek to make someone glad.
Stop for a visit, watch the birds beneath the green, take part in a conversation, not rushed or hurried, but serene.
Easter baskets, Valentine treats, an anonymous note for fun, you’ll find your heart is lighter, when all is said and done.
Our identity in Christ tells us who we’re created to be. Our past, our present, our future; it’s really not all about me??
The Lord helps us through trials, that’s all part of His plan, an example for us to follow as we ‘pay it foward’ to our fellow man.
So Sister’s in Christ, let’s get pumped, go out, spread the word and serve. Those of us who are bold united with those who have less nerve.
We’ll diminish the enemy’s influence, of that you can be sure, for His love and grace through serving is our only definitive cure.
Take up the shield of faith and the Spirit which comes by the sword, So when asked what you do for a living, you reply
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