2010 Event Highlights

  • Posted on March 10, 2010 at 11:22 pm

10 Years of Silly Songs Medley

WE WILL SPRINKLE  By Tawn Battiste

(Sung to the tune of “We Will Rock You” by Queen)

CHORUS: We will, we will SPRINKLE!
We will, we will SPRINKLE!

Verse 1: You’re waitin’ in line, going out of your mind,
watch the lady countin’ change and the baby whines
You got places to be, people to see,
Whisper to His Spirit and sing it with me


Verse 2: Your friend is in pain and life is insane
And the cars in front of you are in the wrong lane,
You wanna stand up and scream but you know that’s just mean
Breathe in the Spirit and His blessings you’ll receive


Verse 3: The gossip choir sings when the telephone rings
Tellin’ you that peeps are talking ’bout any ole thing
Your lip you just bit, and you know you can’t quit,
Pray for strength and grace, and you know He’ll give it.


Verse 4: Love, joy, peace and patience are the last things you feel
As the pressures of life grow; This can’t be real!
But you serve a mighty King, who can give us anything
so as Sisters of Christ, together we sing,


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